Welcome to Wendy Duncan Personal Development Coaching

Are you new in business and have absolutely no idea where to begin?

Are you stressed out and lacking motivation and focus?

Do you feel pressured by the increasing demands of your career, your family and your life?

Are you worried about money?

As a LifeSuccess Consultant, Wendy Duncan can take you where you want to go.  Wendy explains that her role is like a personal trainer for your mind.  She gives you a game plan, keeps you motivated, all in the comfort of your home or office.

Whether you are new to owning your own business or you are a seasoned veteran, Wendy has excellent training programs to help you set and achieve goals, boost your commission sales, and help you to manage your stress.

Life is supposed to be fun.  Allow Wendy to help you find balance and to feel well.

Here is what Shelly Garroutte, of Bend, OR, recently wrote to Wendy:

Hi Wendy!

Just wanted to share this with you since you know I have been working on this for a year and a half!  Ended up getting a different make and model, but it still means the same! Jim and I also recently purchased a home on the West side (both of our goals) and sold my house in one day!

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in and thank you for helping us get refocused on what we really wanted and to give us the tools to stay on track.  It truly has made a difference and we are proof that if you have defined goals that you are not willing to give up, you will achieve them!  Shelly Garroutte

The Goal Achiever