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Duncan_0157-aWendy Duncan is trained by the Bill Gove Speech Workshop and is awarded the Corporate Speaker designation in accordance with the guidelines of the International Association of Corporate Speakers.

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Wendy creates customized speeches for your event, organization, association or business. Her speaking style is very positive, amusing, motivating and inspiring. 

The following group seminars are great for your company’s or organization’s event or on-going training.  Wendy is versatile.  So, if you don’t see something here that suits your needs, let her know and she will customize a seminar for you.  These seminar topics are also available in a weekly training format. 


The Mental Side of Releasing Stress…The Mind You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

 STRESS Release Workbook Cover2015           You’re doing the work, right?  You exercise…eat right…meditate…journal…and you’re still stressed out!  You’ve tried therapy, natural remedies, maybe even anti-anxiety meds.  And, still that high blood pressure persists, or sleeplessness persists, or relationship conflicts persist.  WHAT’S WRONG???  In this seminar, Wendy Duncan shares powerful knowledge about our mind, our conditioning, and our ego.  Knowledge is power.  Learn how to overcome your stress and how to not give your power away to other people, conditions and circumstances that cause you to be stressed out.




The Mental Side of Releasing Weight…The Body You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

WeightCover            Who wants to diet forever?  Nobody!

            Who wants to do the “90 day-kill-yourself-workout?  Nobody!

            Who wants to eat packaged food FOREVER?  Nobody!

            In this seminar, Wendy Duncan will teach you how you can release weight through the power of your mind.  Prepare yourself for amazing self discoveries over why you keep sabotaging your own weight loss.  Wendy promises that you can have your chocolate or cake and eat it, too!  You can enjoy moving your body.  You can be proud of yourself and live a very healthy, happy and vibrant life.



The Mental Side of an Empowered Life…The Balance You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

            Do you ever find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed, anxious, scattered and/or frustrated?   In our ever rapid changing world, and with the intense demand that is placed on us, it is pretty easy to go completely sideways. 

In this seminar, Wendy Duncan, will present her best tips for bringing life back into balance, and keeping it there.  Awareness is key, but it is only part of it.  Wendy will teach us how to hold our needs to the highest priority so that we can be there for the conditions and people that matter the most in our lives.


The Mental Side of Commission Sales…The Commissions You Want are ALL in Your Thinking

            You’ve been to all of the great sales classes you can find.  Maybe you’ve even hired a personal sales coach who gives you all of the formulas so that it is a “no-brainer” when you go out in the field.  But you still aren’t getting the results you seek.  WHAT’S WRONG???  In this seminar, Wendy Duncan gives you the keys to unlock your own personal power and potential.  It isn’t your fault if you don’t have the knowledge of how to “get out of your own way.”  Wendy is a master at teaching the techniques to assist you in transcending your ego so that you can achieve your sales goals again and again.


The Mental Side of Goal Setting and Achieving…The Future You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

            Do you ever feel dissatisfied with life?  Do you have a feeling that there is more to life than what you are experiencing?  Do you feel stuck and think there are no alternatives?  You are not alone.  In this seminar, Wendy Duncan has first hand knowledge of all of the above.  Once you are aware of how to dream and can tune into your own inner resistance, all possibilities are limitless.  Quite often our self saboteur hinders us from living into our greatness.  Learn about the power of your mind, The Law of Attraction, and most importantly, how to achieve the goals you set.


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