The life you want is all in your thinking

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Wendy, with her positive energy, knowledge, research and real life experience, was more helpful in two sessions than a year and a half of sessions I spent with a psychologist! She provides simple but effective tools and useful ideas that are missing from the traditional counseling setting. Her approach is friendly and personal, but she is organized with real steps to progress through week to week. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with life’s challenges!

– Sarah Stevens

Wendy Duncan is more than a “life coach.” She will systematically teach you the concepts and techniques to master your thoughts, and to help you get out of your own way. Results are absolutely life changing!

Wendy coaches in the areas of stress management, weight management, goal setting and achieving, and commission sales. Coaching is typically supported by an audio and workbook program, coupled with one on one coaching sessions, either in person, Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone. Wendy offers a complimentary coaching session! Call her today to schedule your appointment! (link to contact form)

The following coaching programs are also great for your company’s on-going training. 

  • S.T.R.E.S.S. (Simple Techniques for Radically Eliminating Severe Stress)
    Home Study Program Vol. 1 ~ Conquer The Silent Killer!
  • The Mental Side of Releasing Weight
  • Your Mission in Commission 
  • The Goal Achiever

Wendy is versatile. So, if you don’t see something here that suits your needs, let her know and she will customize a coaching program for you. 


The Mental Side of Releasing Stress…The Mind You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

STRESS Release Workbook Cover2015By Wendy Duncan

            You’re doing the work, right?  You exercise…eat right…meditate…journal…and you’re still stressed out!  You’ve tried therapy, natural remedies, maybe even anti-anxiety meds.  And, still that high blood pressure persists, or sleeplessness persists, or relationship conflicts persist.  WHAT’S WRONG???  In this 6 week coaching program, Wendy Duncan shares powerful knowledge about our mind, our conditioning, and our ego.  Knowledge is power.  Learn how to overcome your stress and how to not give your power away to other people, conditions and circumstances that cause you to be stressed out.  Program includes 6 private coaching sessions with Wendy Duncan, 6 audios, 44 page workbook and bonus handouts.



The Mental Side of Releasing Weight…The Body You Want is ALL in Your Thinking

WeightCoverBy Wendy Duncan

            Who wants to diet forever?  Nobody!

            Who wants to do the “90 day-kill-yourself-workout?  Nobody!

            Who wants to eat packaged food FOREVER?  Nobody!

            In this 6 week coaching program, Wendy Duncan will teach you how you can release weight through the power of your mind.  Prepare yourself for amazing self discoveries over why you keep sabotaging your own weight loss.  Wendy promises that you can have your chocolate or cake and eat it, too!  You can enjoy moving your body.  You can be proud of yourself and live a very healthy, happy and vibrant life.  Program includes 6 private coaching sessions with Wendy Duncan, 6 audios, 32 page workbook and bonus handouts.



Your Mission in Commission

mission-in-commissionBy Bob Proctor

            As a commissioned salesperson, you have the opportunity to earn the exact amount of money you need, to provide the things you want, to live the way you choose – no matter how high that amount is.  In this powerful program, Bob Proctor will show you the exact system for earning 6- or 7- figure incomes every year – and how to have fun doing it!  Program includes 8 private coaching sessions with Wendy Duncan, 8 audios, 41 page workbook and bonus handouts.


The Goal Achiever

goal-achieverBy Bob Proctor

There’s the life you’re living right now…and the life you dream of living!  You’re a uniquely distinct and gifted individual with potential that far exceeds even what you believe…it’s there – I already know that.  You’ve likely bumped into your potential a few times over the years and for one electric, zinging, hair-standing-on-end moment, you’re on top of your game.  In a single moment, everything falls into place.  It’s time to stop merely bumping shoulders with your potential.  With focused help from me, my inner circle of coaches, and a team of like-minded people in your mastermind group, your potential will become your closest friend and partner in life.  And when THAT happens, the goals and dreams you can’t even put into words today will stack themselves into your life like a winding row of well-placed dominos – Bob Proctor

Program includes 8 private coaching sessions with Wendy Duncan, 8 audios, 88 page workbook and bonus handouts.

Wendy has been very valuable to me and my business, especially during 2012, when I had my best year since moving to Oregon!  She kept me focused on my client base, plus helped me find ways to add new clients.  Equally important was developing a “willingness to succeed” attitude!  I would definitely recommend her for coaching to anyone who owns a business, small or large, to enhance your productivity and your ability to manage success.”

– Robert “Bob” Browne, R.B. Financial Services, Inc.