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Who’s F.R.A.N.?



Have you seen “Have a F.R.A.N. free day” around town and wondered what it means?  F.R.A.N. stands for, “false reasoning appearing neurotic.”  Wendy created F.R.A.N. during her nine month journey of releasing 40 pounds.  F.R.A.N. is her alter ego.  F.R.A.N. is the self-saboteur, the voice in her head that eggs her on to eat something bad, to say something bad, or do something bad.  Then when she does it, she beats herself up.  She feels guilty.  And, then she isn’t very kind to herself.  F.R.A.N. has become a reminder that we have a choice of how we react and view our lives.  Love yourself enough to tell F.R.A.N. to take a vacation and leave you alone.

So, you see, to have a “Have a F.R.A.N. free day” means to live a happy, fulfilling and empowered life, free of ego.