The life you want is all in your thinking

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Weight Release Program

Who wants to diet forever? Nobody!

Who wants to do the “90 day – kill – yourself – workout?”  Nobody!

Who wants to eat packaged food FOREVER?  Nobody!

In this 6 week program, The Mental Side of Releasing Weight – The Body You Want is ALL in Your Thinking, you can learn how to release and control your weight through the power of your mind.  Prepare yourself for amazing self discoveries over why you keep sabotaging your own weight loss.

Wendy Duncan promises you can have your chocolate or cake and eat it, too!  You can enjoy moving your body.  You can be proud of yourself and live a very healthy, happy and vibrant life.

This program contains:

  • 5 instructional audios
  • Meditation audio
  • 32 page workbook PDF


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Week One: There’s Nothing Sexy About Fat! (Understanding F.R.A.N and the Mind)

Week Two: I’m Big Boned (Understanding our programming and the baby’s mind)

Week Three: How Can I Give What I Do Not Have? (Understanding self-love, protection and grounding)

Week Four: I Love Myself Enough (A guided meditation to get you there)

Week Five: You’ve Gotta Live.. And You Can (How to solidify your success!)

Week Six: Natural Laws of the Universe


BEFORE: Wendy,  40 pounds heavier
BEFORE: Wendy, 40 pounds heavier
AFTER: Wendy, 40 pounds lighter
AFTER: Wendy, 40 pounds lighter



Wendy Duncan has been fantastic in helping me RELEASE some weight and in keeping in mind why at times we over eat…or “what’s the reason we don’t release weight?”  It worked for me.  Six weeks of coaching and watching the scale reduce the numbers….thank you for your professional outstanding coaching! 

Bea Leach

Lost 18 lbs. in 9 weeks with Wendy’s program, and I’m excited to be healthy for the first time in my life . Thanks Wendy!

Jim Kinsey

Lost 10 lbs. with The Mental Side of Releasing Weight! Thanks Wendy!

Lorie Brown