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S.T.R.E.S.S. (Simple Techniques for Radically Eliminating Severe Stress) Home Study Program Vol. 1 ~ Conquer The Silent Killer!

           You’re doing the work, right?  You exercise…eat right…meditate…journal…and you’re still stressed out!  You’ve tried therapy, natural remedies, maybe even anti-anxiety meds.  And, still that high blood pressure persists, or sleeplessness persists, or relationship conflicts persist.  WHAT’S WRONG???  In this 6 week coaching program, Wendy Duncan shares powerful knowledge about our mind, our conditioning, and our ego.  Knowledge is power.  Learn how to overcome your stress and how to not give your power away to other people, conditions and circumstances that cause you to be stressed out.  Program includes 6 audios,  and 44 page PDF workbook .

  • Week One: I’m Mental (Understanding the Mind)
  • Week Two: I Am Not My Mother! (Understanding Our Programming)
  • Week Three: No Excuses (Rebuilding You)
  • Week Four: Guided Meditation and Daily Journaling
  • Week Five: But, But, But (How to Handle Worry, Doubt and Fear)
  • Week Six: I Feel Fantastic! (How to Have Harmony in Your Life)


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“I participated in a “Think & Grow Rich for Women” mastermind book study that Wendy Duncan facilitated and also asked Wendy to address my real estate company to introduce to them the power of our thought life. In both of these venues, Wendy was dynamic, engaging, insightful and warm. Most recently I went through Wendy’s six week program, “Simple Techniques for Radically Eliminating Severe Stress” and I must tell you, my life has been transformed! I am forever changed by the ideas and teachings Wendy introduced me to. The ability we all have to visualize and bring about the life of our choosing is perhaps the single most empowering concept I have ever learned! I cannot recommend Wendy’s personal development coaching strongly enough…If you are seeking a transformative life change, this coach and program are for you!”

– Tona Restine, Life Imagined

“I had severe migraine headaches for over 10 years, oftentimes so bad that I couldn’t have light in the room or movement around me. I tried prescription medications and alternative techniques to relieve the pain with no luck. I was desperate. That is until I discovered something that changed my life. I learned to see disease as ‘dis–ease’, and I decided to rid myself of that in my life. Once I began applying the STRESS management program material, the headaches began to fade. I am proud to say that I have been migraine-free for over two years now. I have discarded all my medications and simply practice the phenomenal information that Wendy Duncan shares on her STRESS management program.  Not only am I completely cured of my migraine headaches, but I have seen incredible results in other areas of my life as well. I am living my life full throttle now, and enjoying every minute of it.”

– Kelly Sylte

“I ordered Wendy Duncan’s STRESS management program and have been using it regularly each day. I decided to jump ahead and just completed “week three.” I loved the program so much that I want to share it with anyone who suffers from migraines and/or stress (which is probably everyone who reads this). So far, I have had a number of “eye-opening” experiences. I actually felt my mind being free and clear after the second day of her program (something I have never experienced before). I’ve also learned the ability to examine my thoughts more in detail — focusing more on the positive things in life, regardless of any negative thought or vibe that has been presented to me. And, to top it off, I have not had a migraine since I started this program! I actually felt the beginning stages of my migraine coming on just a few days ago, but by going back to Wendy’s stress management program, I was able to avoid it altogether.

I don’t know what else to say about the STRESS management program but I am convinced that the program will work for anyone who suffers from stress and/or migraines. Give it a try and you’ll see and feel exactly what I mean!”

– Natalie Bratton