Other people’s stress? Hey…It’s not my problem!

I’d love to take credit for this saying, however, I went to a talk that Dell Morris, Cowboy Healer, was giving, and I got it from him. If you will take a moment to think about it, whether you may have made someone angry, or you hurt their feelings, or your child has a messy room, it really isn’t your problem, unless you make it your problem. We persist in giving our power away to others by allowing them to make us feel bad, sad, angry, etc. Please remember that you have free will to think any thought you want. You get to choose. Isn’t that cool? If you are resisting this as you read it, I would only ask you to check within and ask yourself, “is this a belief that I got from someone else,” i.e. the kids’ rooms must be picked up at all times? Have fun with saying, “Hey! It’s Not My Problem!”

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